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Dear Valued Customers,

All Conferencing Version 2.0 is launching on September 1, 2007, and will function just like Version 1.0, but with additional audio services and web conferencing. Although you will still be able to use the old version, we encourage you to get started on the new and improved version by selecting "Version 2.0" after you log in. We have already set up your access to the new version, so once you've selected "Version 2.0" you can begin using web conferencing to show presentations, work collaboratively, or share your desktop; or take advantage of the new audio services such as Conference Continuation and advanced keypad controls. Version 2.0 also makes it easier to record calls and access the recordings. We have attached a user manual with this email which will also be available online at

Version 2.0 has new dial-in numbers, which we will send to you in a separate email. Participant passcodes will remain the same, except with a "1" in front of it, so if your passcode was originally "123456," it will now be "1123456," in Version 2.0. Moderator passcodes will remain the same in both versions. Remember that you must distribute the new dial-in number and passcode to your participants! If you would like us to distribute them, please provide a list of the participant email addresses to and we will be happy to do so.

For those of you who have calls scheduled beyond the Version 2.0 launch date, the conference dial-in number and passcode will not change. You can continue using your Version 1.0 numbers, or you can use your new Version 2.0 dial-in number and passcode. Both will work until Version 1.0 has been discontinued.

We want you to be as happy with the new services as we are, so if you have any questions, or would like a one-on-one tutorial, please call us at (866) 562-6506 (east coast), or (866) 892-3747 (west coast), or email us at We have already started training, and everyone is finding it intuitive and easy to use. To help you acclimate, we're offering free training, and your first meeting in September is free.

Remember, you presently have access to both Version 1.0 and 2.0 but we encourage you to start using Version 2.0 now.


“I considered web conferencing to be a necessary evil, but something I’d never be able to figure out. You can imagine my immense relief that this was easy. When training was over, I thought, ‘that was it? Even I can do that.’”

“I hate change, so I was worried about ‘2.0.’But it’s actually not much of a change at all. Except for the dial-in number, nothing else is really different. I just have more options now.”

“My job involves a lot of presenting, so being able to upload PowerPoint presentations and
draw on them is going to be a huge asset to my work. The ability to schedule meetings online and email the URL and dial-in information is really professional. I couldn’t be happier.”

“I love that the online meeting manager allows me to organize everything myself. Yes, I’m a control freak! But I like that I can set up email groups and recurring calls plus keep all contact info in one place.”

“It’s so much easier to record calls and access them now! I love that I can record a call at the last minute by using the keypad and then go to the website and download it.”



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Volume 4, August 29, 2007

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