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Thank you for your business in 2007. We appreciate our customers and are excited about our all new All Conferencing services launching in January 2008! You told us what you wanted, and we listened. We have spent this year making significant investments to enhance our products and provide user-friendly new offerings. Our quality audio service will remain the same, but you now have greater control and more conferencing options at the same prices as before.

We’ve re-structured our plans to better suit the needs of the wide variety of businesses that we support. The Lite and Plus plans have no commitments and no minimums. There is a modest commitment in the Custom Plan that allows you to customize your account and optimize your budget.  Each plan includes access to all of our services at any time, including international calling.

You’ve really taken advantage of Web Conferencing since we introduced it. According to a Wainhouse research survey, Web Conferencing has become the medium of choice for conducting meetings and is growing in demand every year by 30%. Survey participants cited the ability to involve/reach more people, save travel costs/time, and be more productive as the major reasons they use it. Our service is easy to use, because we know you want to focus on your business, not technology.

Our new products and enhancements will help further our goal of providing the best, most reliable conferencing for your business. More on the new products below, but first things first – the holidays are here! So snuggle into your favorite chair, pour the egg nog, and read on.

Stay connected during the holiday season…
We like to share stories of how our customers are using All Conferencing. Below are three of our favorites. Send us your All Conferencing story at and we’ll put it in our next newsletter!

Keep in Touch
“As we put another year to rest, we like to call our best customers to thank them for their business. The entire team that worked on a project gets on the call for a lively end of year wrap-up.  The results are amazing, and we aim to do the same this year.”

Need some training?
“I worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out Web Conferencing. But I signed up for training and it was EXCELLENT! Now we use it all the time.”

The Best Excuse
“I always call my out-of-state colleagues to check in before we break for the holidays. We discuss what we’ve accomplished this past year and what we want to accomplish for next. Since it’s holiday time, and a little more casual, this is also when I learn a lot about them on a personal level, and see the latest pictures of their kids. It’s really a great way to end one year and begin a new one.”

Speaking of new beginnings, let’s talk about our new services. In response to your feedback, we are offering new ways for you to collaborate and easily organize meetings.

Online Meeting Manager
Manage all our services in one place for all the people in your organization! The brand new Online Meeting Manager is a collaborative tool providing a convenient way to schedule conferences and use all of our services. It also consists of integrated Email, Calendar, and Address Book, rolled into one easy-to-use management interface. Designed for busy people with rigorous work environments, it allows users to easily schedule conferences, set reminders, and create group emails. It also includes Daily Call Views and Corporate Billing, for one consolidated system to manage conferences.

The Online Meeting Manager is for more than just meetings; it can keep your entire business life organized. Email includes intuitive message management and search; the Address Book supports multiple address books, so you can easily share and import contacts to have them all in one place; the Calendar can be used for personal and shared scheduling. Are you a frequent traveler? Use the Per-Appointment Time Zone setting to set the exact time zone for an appointment.

And we’re ringing in even more services for the new year…

Ready Audio: Our improved audio conferencing provides more options and control over your audio conference.
Ready Web: Use our stand-alone web conferencing service to show presentations, display visual material, or collaborate in real time. It includes a chat component instead of audio.
Ready All: Our full-featured audio and web conferencing has all the tools you need for a successful conference call. It is a fully integrated audio and web service with intuitive point-and-click commands allowing you to show slide presentations and applications, collaborate on documents in real time, grant control of your desktop, and chat with participants. Record a conference in one click (audio only or synchronized with visuals) and access archives online.
Event or Attended Conferences: If you have a large conference of over 100 people, or if you’re simply short on resources, let our trained staff organize your conference for you. We can support your conference pre-and post-call, including confirmation services, security lists, billing code capture, recording, translation and transcription.
Consulting: Businesses realize that the more they take advantage of conferencing, the more they will benefit. But you may not be sure exactly how to accomplish that. Let us help you learn more about how conferencing can help your business save money with increased collaboration, which leads to faster decision making and greater productivity.
Easy Control Audio (Coming soon!): Manage your conference right from your desktop! This service provides the convenience of web controls to administer audio-only conferences.
Ready Video (Coming soon!): Use our integrated audio and online broadcast-quality video to initiate a video conference right from your PC or laptop.
Microsoft Live (Coming soon!): Use this hosted web conferencing service for online meetings, training, and events when you need to present multimedia options like movie clips, Flash animations, and audio files.
TelePresence (Coming June 2008): Whether you’re in separate cities or separate continents, TelePresence makes it seem as if you’re all in the same room. Video conferencing, instant messaging, group chat, screen pops and detailed chat logs are accessible from any location, improving communication for faster decision making.

Experience how the all new All Conferencing services can help your business grow. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us toll free at 866-892-3747 and an agent will assist you.


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