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Dear Valued Customers,

We spent the last few months surveying you on how we can improve All Conferencing. Your responses made it clear that you’re ready for advanced features that enhance your productivity. Taking into account your needs and requests, we are upgrading the All Conferencing products and services, and beginning in August are adding new audio features and a web conferencing component. Web conferencing allows you to conduct live meetings or presentations over the internet, and our intuitive interface will help you easily organize and manage a conference call, share presentations, and collaborate on documents. Your meetings become more informative and complete when you add the visual presentation capabilities of web conferencing.

You will continue to enjoy the All Conferencing features you currently use, but now you will have more options. Just by having an account with us, you will be eligible for all the features, which will be listed as “Version 2.0”. Below is a sampling of our new products and services:

Audio Services
Call Recording via the Touchtone Keypad. No set-up required – simply start a recording by pressing *2. You can decide to record a call at the last minute, or even during the conference. The recording will be archived and emailed to you.

Conference Continuation: Choose whether you want the call to continue once the Chairperson has hung up. This prevents you from having to pay for participants talking amongst themselves once the conference is over.

Lock/Unlock the Conference: The Chairperson can lock and unlock the conference by using the telephone keypad. Locking the conference prevents other people from dialing in, and adds an extra measure of security.

Set Entry and Exit Announcements: Choose whether participants will be announced by name, tone, or silently (not announced).

Web Services
Web Conferencing allows you to share software applications, PowerPoint presentations, or anything running on your PC, with others in online meetings. Alternatively, you can pass control of the meeting to a participant and see what they display on their PC. Use the web meeting tool to collaborate with customers, vendors, partners, and others in real time over the internet, or to change options for the audio conference. It’s as easy as point and click.

Web Interface: The interface is simple and easy to use, allowing you to see who is on the call, invite participants, mute/unmute specific participants, have a private instant message chat, or grant a participant access to your computer.

Slide Presentation and Annotation: Upload files, preview them, and present to participants. Annotation tools allow you to draw on the slides and highlight certain points. Perfect for showing presentations and collaborating in real time.

Visit Websites and Allow Participants to See Where You Are Visiting. Access the web during the call, and show the site to participants. This is useful for showing examples, accessing information, or for any reason that you would normally visit a website.

Desktop Showing/Grant Control of your desktop: Show your desktop and allow a participant/participants to access your desktop. This is especially useful when collaborating on a document or demonstration.

Assign Co-Presenters: Allow participants to have the same control and access as the Chairperson, so two (or more) people can run a conference and present documents.

Application Showing: Allow participants to see specific applications on your desktop, as opposed to the entire desktop. For example, only allow participants to see a PowerPoint presentation and an Excel document, but not your Outlook or the Internet.

Chat: Chat via instant message with the participants. Perfect for quick questions on the part of the Chairperson or a participant.

Call Recording, Archiving and Retrieval. Recording a call is as easy – simply click on “Record.” On a web conference, both the audio and the visuals are recorded. Access your recordings online to play or download the recording, or have it emailed to you.

Online Meeting Manager
Conveniently organize and track your meetings by using a web browser.

Scheduled call: Set up a recurring call, where an email will be automatically sent to participants. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll never have to worry about setting up this particular call again unless you want to make changes.

Call Groups: Create group emails for recurring calls. Instead of manually adding each person, just click on the desired group for the conference call.

Online Address Book: Keep all email and phone information online. Simply point and click to send an email or dial out.

We’re excited about our new services, and want to give you a chance to try them. We are offering select customers free access to the web services until August 31st, 2007. Respond to this email for a chance to be one of the lucky customers. If you would like a one-on-one tutorial, please call a customer service representative who will be happy to assist.

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Volume 3, August 2, 2007

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