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In our last newsletter we asked you to share with us some of your conferencing success stories, and you weren't shy in getting back to us. We have thousands of customers in small and medium-sized businesses - non-profit, political campaigns, entertainment companies, sales & marketing, consulting companies, and many more - but you all agree that our conferencing services have made your business life easier and more productive. The following are just some of the stories you sent us - please keep sharing!

Staff Meetings
The irony of the communications company: "Our staff meetings were getting longer and longer," said one customer. "There were so many side conversations going on in the room that we just couldn't get anything accomplished." This company now conducts staff meetings via conference call, despite everyone being in the same building. Only the agenda is discussed and no one is able to have conversations on the side. "I suspect they're IM-ing on their computer, but at least that isn't distracting anyone else."

Client Meetings
Go Green. Conference instead: "Gas is too expensive and flying is a pain," said the representative of one fuel-efficient company. "Why leave your office if you don't really have to? We conduct everything via conference call. It's the only way to go." What about the importance of face-to-face meetings with clients? "We still meet on occasion, but how many times do you have to meet face-to-face before you've established a 'relationship'? Clients don't really want to leave their office either. See? Everyone's happy!"

Meetings on the fly
Behind every good man is a successful conference call: 'Tis the season for political campaigns, and conference calls are a large part of the organization process. "I'd never had a lot of luck in organizing large calls on-the-fly," said one campaign staffer. "Because most companies insist on a 24-hour notification. In the middle of a political campaign? Yeah, sure!" This staffer takes advantage of our reservationless conferencing available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

Record-keeping for compliance purposes
Not an illusion:"It was like magic," said one attorney. "My call was recorded and sent right to me." Many of our customers take advantage of our recording services, which are especially helpful for companies that need transcripts of all conversations or that bill by the hour. And while we aren't really magicians, we do make it easy to arrange to have your calls recorded.

Worry free conference set-up
Conquering your fears: Believe it or not, one of our customers admitted to suffering "Conference Call Phobia" - the fear of setting up conference calls. But we make it easy. Register and receive a permanent dial-in number and access code, so you never need a new one for each call. The first time you schedule a recurring call, distribute the dial-in # and access code to all the participants. Now it's all taken care of and you never have to worry about being the weak link.

This same customer admitted she had another phobia - Registration Phobia! - before choosing AllConferencing. "I figured it would be such a process to register," she laughed. Again, we make it easy: registration is free, and every customer gets their own access code right away. That's the entire "process": Register and get your code. Simple!

Easy Access to the Access Code
Access Code Amnesia: "I always had to call my boss's secretary because I'd forget where I wrote down the company access code," said a customer who works at an insurance company. Not anymore! Now everyone at your company can have their own access code which we will print on a card for you. Tuck it in your wallet, tape it to your computer, or give it to your own secretary - you'll never be scrambling for that number again.

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Volume 2, June 20, 2007

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