Collaborate with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Instantly

All Conferencing provides the business quality tools and technology necessary
for collaborations that accelerate business progress

All Tools in One Account on All The Time
  • Meeting Manager with Email, Scheduling, Invites and Reminders

  • Project Manager with File Sharing and Ongoing Collaboration

  • Meeting Room with Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing, and all Tools

  • Secure Cloud-storage accessible Anytime, Anywhere with Daily Backup
Why Should You be Collaborating in the Cloud?+
Having any-time access to all the collaboration tools you need, including project files, quality audio and video conferencing, team forums, and a virtual meeting room with document presentation and markup tools, makes online meetings more efficient, teamwork more productive, and maximizes participation.

Virtual teams make extensive use of sophisticated online team rooms, where each meeting is a collaboration opportunity to get actual work done. Collaborating in the Cloud becomes the virtual drive behind successful meetings that accelerate team progress and become an essential function of the business itself.
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What Sets All Conferencing Apart?+
We are the only service to provide all the collaboration tools you need, including business quality audio,
integrated into a unified system with no purchase plans required or fine print.  You only pay for phone
audio minutes you use as you use them. All tools and storage are included. You cannot fully benefit from working in the Cloud without phone-quality audio, and all the tools you need available at any time.

With All Conferencing, all the tools are ready for you to use without hesitation of quality or price.
Fully use the service and focus on your work knowing you won’t be nickeled and dimed with add-ons
or fees. No other service provides a solution with matched quality tools and price.

  • Comprehensive set of cloud-hosted collaboration features and tools

  • All tools available anytime, anywhere, with anyone

  • Exclusive Personal Executive Assistant relieves you to focus on your core business

  • Always-on, reliable, toll-free phone-quality audio seamlessly in sync with all tools

  • No purchase plans or contracts required. No fine print. No software to buy or download

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All Conferencing's Cloud Makes All the Difference+

You must have business quality audio and tools to have business quality meetings.

Some cloud-hosted services provide the storage but not the tools you need to work in real-time collaborations with your uploaded files. Some provide tools but not the phone-quality audio conferencing necessary for reliable sound. Some provide phone-quality audio at a premium purchase plan, but don’t include all the tools.

With All Conferencing, you'll have all the tools necessary to accelerate business always available including toll-free phone-quality audio and complimentary storage.

We are the only service to include all the tools you need into one integrated system without compromising audio quality.
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All the Business Collaboration Difference+
Business Quality Audio
Today’s current leaders rely on desktop technology for audio conferencing which lacks the sound reliability necessary for online meetings. No meeting is effective if you and your participants cannot hear one another. Phone-quality audio remains the highest quality audio technology available today. When you compromise sound, you risk client relationships, you risk losing participants during presentations, and you risk your meeting’s potential to accelerate productivity.

Business Quality Tools
In order to fully experience the power of online meetings you must have all the collaboration tools necessary for real-time business results.

With All Conferencing?s Meeting Manager, you can schedule and organize meetings, invitations, and reminders. With our Project Manager you can create groups where members you invite can upload and share files for document markup and collaboration in the Virtual Meeting Room, and use the Meeting Controller to moderate the meeting and encourage attendee participation.

With All Conferencing, you?ll have phone-quality audio inclusive with all the collaboration tools you need.

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Exclusive Features+
Audio Conferencing
Toll-free, phone-quality voice on all calls, permanent dial-in, meet on smartphone, tablet or PC.
Web Conferencing
Custom Invites and Reminders integrated with Instant Meetings and our schedule Negotiator Tool.
Video Conferencing
High-quality video with toll- quality voice. Video Meeting Room in sync with desktop sharing & presentation tools.
Executive Assistant
Live personal admin available to manage meetings, collaborations, and user accounts for you.
Project Sharing
Track projects or cases from meeting to meeting including meeting minutes. Project-based billing.
Document Sharing
Cloud-based document sharing and storage. Upload files and share in chat and meetings; both on & offline.
Screen Sharing
Easily share your entire screen or a just a portion of your screen with others, Share one-to-one or one-to-many.
Whiteboard Sharing
Collaboratively draw, annotate, & stamp documents & images. Record & playback. Chat while sharing.
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Welcome to More Effective Meetings, More Productive Meetings+
Effective collaboration is not about having more meetings; it’s about having better meetings. All Conferencing realized long ago the need for conferencing that incorporates features designed to play an essential role in the business itself, rather than as merely a substitute for time and travel restrictions.

From the Cloud, you can access all the features and tools you need to instantly meet and collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere; increasing your meeting’s attendance, participation, and entire team productivity, accelerating your overall business success. You and your team will instantly have a full suite of sophisticated collaboration features and user-friendly tools.
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Allconferencing Collaboration Tools Diagram
  • Meeting Services with integrated scheduling calendar, Instant Meeting, RSVP, Invite,
    and Reminder service, and automatic date/time Negotiator

  • Project Management with file-sharing, upload management, document whiteboard presentation
    and markup, and always on Instant Meeting

  • Project, file, and meeting Forums for collaboration and review both on and offline

  • Professional Meeting and presentation Room with web cam, desktop sharing, switch presenters,
    co-browsing, switch presenters, and more

  • Integrated Contact Management, Email, and Task Management

  • Online Event Conferencing available for large meetings and presentations

  • Personal Executive Assistant - Professional collaboration admin available to provide ongoing
    support both during meetings and offline

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Take a Tour of the All Conferencing Cloud+
All Conferencing’s cloud-hosted platform includes audio and web conferencing, an interactive calendar system with integrated email, a document management system, a file sharing system, and real-time project management tools all integrated into a single collaboration solution, empowering everyone to securely access these key team tools anytime, from anywhere, instantly.

Our system is easy to use and has four main user screens to set up and hold meetings, and take advantage of many other collaboration features. These include the Meeting Manager, the Project Manager, the Meeting Controller, and the Meeting Room.
Allconferencing - Collaboration System
All-in-One Collaboration

Between meetings
, you will manage meetings and projects using the Meeting and Project Managers. With Meeting Manager you will manage meeting schedules and notifications. With the Project Manager you can create project and file groups, join group forums, upload and manages files, and assign upload and access privileges.

During meetings, you will use the Meeting Controller to enter the Meeting Room and simply conduct and control your meeting and monitor participant actions. This is also how you officially end your live meeting.

You will use the Meeting Room to hold online audio, video, and web conferences. Everything you do in the Meeting Room will be visible to your participants.

These four areas integrate to deliver a powerful enterprise collaboration solution that results in virtual meetings that can be even more efficient than attending a live meeting in person.
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All Conferencing Account Home — One Click and We Call You to Connect+
Starting a meeting when you login to your account couldn't be any quicker and easier. When you first login, you can immediately start online meetings, schedule meetings in your Meeting Manager, or create projects and groups for collaboration in your Project Manager.

No other service offers all-in-one synchronization with the agility to instantly provide you the resources you need how and when you need them. Now you and your team can remotely manage your meetings, your projects, and your resource documents all in one place, instantly.

All Conferencing?s cloud-hosted system is dedicated to making your meetings fast, efficient, and hassle-free. No long passcodes & No long phone numbers to remember.

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Meeting Manager+
Use your Meeting Manager to schedule Calendar appointments for future, Instant, or recurring meetings. Time saving tools let you save and reuse meeting information and our exclusive Negotiation Service automatically interacts with invitees to coordinate the best day and time to meet.
  • Meeting Services - Schedule meetings and launch online conferences. Save meeting information to reuse for future meetings

  • Meeting Reminder Service - Send participants automated meeting reminders via email, phone, and/or SMS text messages

  • Instant Meeting and Invite Services - Instantly invite anyone to attend a meeting via email, phone, and/or SMS text message

  • Negotiation Services - Interactive tool that lets participants automatically arrive at a mutually convenient day and time to meet

  • Interactive Scheduling Calendar - Click appointments to start instant meetings, access email and task manager

View Meeting Manager
Meeting Manager
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What Sets Our Meeting Manager Apart?+
Integrated Calendar System Personalized to Your Schedule.
Much more than a static view of your coming meetings, the Calendar is an interactive launching point for the meetings that will move your projects forward, the base for starting meetings and working collaborations.

Meetings can be scheduled from within the Calendar by right-clicking a calendar appointment or by using our exclusive drag-n-drop interface. Simply drag-n-drop a calendar appointment to schedule meetings, invite participants, and launch instant meetings, all directly from your calendar.

View Integrated Scheduling Calendar
Meeting Manager with Integrated Scheduling Calendar

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Project Manager+
Use your Project Manager to organize clients, teams, and all users into participant groups for cases, trials, or for sales and training presentations, and more. In project groups, files can be uploaded to the Cloud to be shared for collaboration and groups can discuss meeting material and notes during meetings and both on and offline in project forums.

  • Create Projects - Name and activate new projects

  • Manage Project Meetings - Start meetings related to a project

  • Create File-sharing Groups - Upload and securely store project-related files to share with project participants both on and offline

  • Manage Participants - Activate upload privileges and designate file-group access

  • Create Collaboration Forums - View the latest team progress and add comments to project-related meetings and documents

View Project Manager
Project Manager

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What Sets Our Project Manager Apart?+
File-Sharing and Project Management Tools.
  • Store documents and other files securely in the Cloud to access them from anywhere using any internet ready device. Here you can download documents, use our document viewer, or share and present documents for collaboration during and between meetings

  • Safely share files with individuals you select and assign levels of authority – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, audio files, and more

  • Manage projects associated with your cloud-based files and meetings

  • Use forums to stay connected between meetings both on and offline. View document feedback and the latest markups and review meeting-based input from team members and clients

  • Conduct repeated or recurrent meetings on the same project

  • Upload, group, and manage files securely stored in the cloud so all the files you need are available in the right meetings

  • Share files as needed and control access levels. Participate anytime in forums both during the meeting and offline to receive input and accelerate project productivity

View Project Resource Groups View Resource Manager
Project Manager Resource Groups Project Manager Resource Manager
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Meeting Controller+
Right before it’s time to begin your meeting, you will launch your Meeting Controller and have access to all the tools that facilitate a successful meeting. As the meeting moderator, you will use your Meeting Controller to monitor your meeting and encourage attendee participation with several features such as talker identification, Q&A, polls, ability to upload files for collaboration and presentation, and an automatic dialer to instantly invite participants to join the meeting.

  • Information Panel - Displays meeting information such as the dial-in number and passcodes

  • Status & Controls Panel - Controls meeting functions, sends Invites, and is where you enter the Meeting Room

  • Participant Panel - Displays information about each participant's actions and controls their meeting access

  • Polls Panel - Poll meeting participants during the meeting

  • Files/Chats Panel - Open and share files and engage in multiple topic chat disucssions

View Meeting Controller
Meeting Controller

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What Sets Our Meeting Controller Apart?+
Audio and Web Features that Make Your Meetings More Manageable.
  • Recording Service - Digitally record and store conferences for those unable to attend the meeting, and record and store audio and web materials for distribution

  • Video Controls - Control video participation using the meeting controller, mute, raise hands, etc.

  • Talker Notification - Know who?s talking during every meeting with voice identification

  • Polling Center - Conduct more efficient surveys through our integrated polling center

  • Sub-Conference - Have a private conference with selected participants

  • Drop Call - Remove a participant from the conference with the click of a button

  • Integrated Audio & Video - Launch audio and/or video conferencing directly from the Control Panel

View Status & Controls Panel
Meeting Controller Status & Controls

Video Meeting Room+
All Conferencing’s Meeting Room is where the viewable portion of the meeting occurs. Upon arrival to the Meeting Room, you and those attending your meeting will be surrounded by features and controls available for the moderator, participants, and presenters.
  • Presentation Box - the viewing area- Enables moderator to upload files to share and present to participants

  • Users Box- Where participants can raise their hands, see who's attending the meeting, their roll and status, and see who's the current presenter

  • Chat Box- Enables moderator and all participants to chat either one-on-one or with everyone

  • Screen-Share and Webcam Buttons- Enables all participants to share their screen and webcam

View Meeting Room
Video Meeting Room
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What Sets Our Video Meeting Room Apart?+
Virtual Meeting Room Features with "Levels of Authority".
  • Participant- Everyone attending the meeting

  • Presenter- A participant who can share their screen

  • Moderator- the person who initiates and controls the meeting

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