All the tools IN one account ON all the time
Audio Conferencing
Toll-free, phone-quality voice on all calls, permanent dial-in, meet with your smartphone, tablet or PC. Instantly meet without notice or installs. No account needed to connect to a meeting, we call-you-to- join.  name=
Video Conferencing
High-quality video with toll-quality voice. Video Meeting Room in sync with desktop sharing & presentation tools.
Web Conferencing
Instatnly meet online and share your files, webcam, and desktop. Upload presentations, switch presenters, and collaborate using whitebard tools. Customize your invitations and reminders. Negotiate schedules using our schedule Negotiator Tool.
Executive Services
Live personal admin available to manage meetings, collaborations, and user accounts for you.
Project Sharing
Cloud-based project sharing, tracking, and storage. Create projects, project user groups, and upload files to share in project-based meetings and forums; both on & offline.
Document Sharing
Comment, annotate, and collaborate on shared documents. Stay connected in and between meetings with multiple forum discussions
Screen Sharing
Easily share your screen or just a portion of your screen with meeting participants.
Whiteboard Sharing
Highlight, underline, annotate and stamp documents and web pages.
The Only Enterprise Class Conferencing & Cloud Sharing Service with No Monthly Fees or Minimums

All Conferencing integrates all the services you need to have successful meetings into a single service priced simply without hidden charges, monthly fees, or minimums. Our service focuses on what you and your valuable meeting participants need to conduct business. This means ALL the modern tools are available to you and your participants in ALL your meetings with just
your account. Your participants do not need to have an account with us or download any software to their desktops to participate That's in short why our customers choose us.

No Sign-up Fee  Pay per use only  Corporate Discounts
Unlike Others, Our Toll-Free Audio Price Includes All Our Conferencing & Sharing Services Free.
With All Conferencing, even small businesses with just 5 users save $1000 or more every month.
  All Conferencing AT&T Verizon WebEx
Per User Minimum Monthly Fee None $200 $100 $89
Per User Additional Monthly Fee None None None $89
Per Minute Toll-Free Audio 12¢ 12¢ 16¢ 12¢
Cloud-based Storage 250 GB 0 GB 0 GB 1 GB
Collaboration Service Coverage 100% 40% 50% 40%
AT&T, Verizon, and WebEx Comparison

AT&T Connect

While AT&T Connect is the flagship offering of AT&T for conferencing, it's a challenge to find out how to purchase and use the service. You must fill out forms and wait for AT&T to get back to you. Their basic service, which lacks several key features like document specific forums for discussion, project based billing, etc., costs more than 24 cents a minute and requires a download for both you and your participants.

Compare AT&T


Verizon simply resells Microsoft solution. However the audio conference service is its own and hence not integrated with the rest of meeting features. Compared to ATT&T and WebEX, Microsoft’s solution is the most advanced but requires users to first have a Microsoft Live account. Despite the fact that the product lacks key features that AT&T and WebEx have, it is the most expensive. For audio and web conferencing alone an ADVANCE payment of $100 is required for 250 minutes of use! In addition a monthly payment has to be made even if you do not use any of the minutes.

Compare Verizon


Compared to ATT&T and Verizon, WebEx has focused on online services only; and therefore, only lower-quality desktop audio is integrated with the service. To get business-quality audio one needs to purchase their Premium Plan for $89 a month plus pay 12 cents a minute for Toll Free Audio. Just like all monthly plans, you need to make the monthly payment regardless of how much you use the service. Typical of online services companies, WebEx doesn't even list a customer support number on their site.

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The All Conferencing Difference

We are the only service to provide the very best Toll-Free phone-quality voice at only 12¢ per minute and all the collaboration tools in one account always ready for you to use at simple pay-per-minute pricing. No fine print, no purchase plans, and no contracts are required. What’s more, we provide a permanent toll-free dial-in number that calls you to connect, and of course our audio interface with dial-out capability, talker ID, Q&A, polling, and subconference features are included at no additional charge. You’ll always have the highest quality audio available including all the tools you need so you and your participants can fully leverage the results of effective collaborations.

Meet and work instantly with phone quality audio and all the essential collaboration tools you need on all calls.
All Tools – Always Available
That’s the Difference.
Feature Benefit All Conferencing, Inc. ATT Verizon WebEx
Audio, Video, & Web Meeting Controller Manage your meeting, control interruptions, allow multiple topic discussions, breakout into the right groups. No need to learn complicated phone keypad controls. YES NO NO NO
Use any Sharing Tool During any Audio, Video,
& Web Meeting
All the tools you need to make your meeting productive available to you all the time on every call. No workarounds needed. YES NO NO NO
No Downloads Required Whether you are the moderator or participant, join meetings with no hassle. YES NO NO NO
Call Me Now the conference calls you to connect. YES NO NO NO
Permanent Dial-In No need to keep track of numbers – you get a dedicated dial–in with a toll and a toll–free option. YES NO NO YES
Audio Panel The first iPhone style Audio Meeting Controller for simple meeting management. YES NO NO NO
Dial-Out Option Connect faster by dialing out of the web based audio panel to your participants. YES YES YES YES
Talker Notification Know who’s talking during every meeting with voice identification. YES NO NO NO
Polling Center Conduct more efficient surveys through our integrated polling center. YES NO NO NO
Q & A Sessions Hold more effective question and answer sessions through the Audio Meeting Controller. YES NO NO NO
Sub-Conference Have a private conference with selected participants during your meeting. YES NO NO NO
Drop Call Remove a participant from the conference with the click of a button. YES NO NO NO
Lock Conference Prevent meeting interruptions. YES YES YES NO
Easy Setup Anyone in a meeting with an ordinary webcam can participate with video. Individual video channels for selective viewing. YES NO NO NO
Video Controls Control Video Participation using the Meeting Controller, mute, raise hands etc. YES NO NO YES
High Quality Audio Meet online face-to-face with the reliability of Toll-free phone quality audio. YES NO NO NO
Screen Sharing The easiest way to share your screen with others. YES YES YES YES
Co-Present Function Collaborate with colleagues by sharing conference controls. YES NO NO YES
Document Sharing Improve collaboration by sharing documents with the meeting. YES YES YES YES
Co-Browse Upload and review web pages with participants. YES NO NO YES
Whiteboard Sharing Highlight, underline, annotate and stamp documents and web pages. YES YES YES YES
Chat Tools Public & Private chat feature allows you to interact with selected conference participants. YES YES YES YES
Integrated Audio Now its simpler and easier to launch an audio conference directly from the Web Panel. YES YES YES NO
Waiting Area Let Moderator choose who enters the meeting and when. YES NO NO NO
Mood Notification Find out the status of participants through their icons. YES YES NO NO
Instant Meeting Tool Save time with a tool that creates instant, recurring and scheduled meetings. YES NO NO NO
RSVP Service Be more prepared for your meeting by knowing who has accepted, declined or tentatively accepted your meeting invitation. YES NO NO NO
Integrated Calendar Agent Your calendar organizes itself as all appointments, meetings and invitations are entered automatically. YES NO NO NO
Drag And Drop Features Easily turn any appointment on your calendar into an audio or web conference. YES NO NO NO
Auto Fill Contacts Create meetings faster - email phone numbers automatically entered for you. YES NO NO NO
Instant Invite Tool Create instant invitations, notifications or alerts. YES NO NO NO
Invitation Options Choose from various invitation formats - email, phone & SMS. YES NO NO NO
Custom Invitations Personalize your meeting invitations for email, phone or SMS. YES NO NO NO
Scheduling Options Never forget a meeting with our instant or scheduled reminders. YES NO NO NO
Reminder Options Choose from various reminder options - email, phone & SMS. YES NO NO NO
Custom Reminders Compose custom reminders via email, phone & SMS. YES NO NO NO
Meeting Negotiation Tool Plan the best time for all to attend through a vote consensus from your invitees. YES NO NO NO
Save Meetings Work more efficiently by saving your settings of past meetings. YES NO NO YES
Create and Manage Meetings per Project Create Projects and conduct repeated or recurrent meetings on same project. YES NO NO NO
Upload, Share and Maintain Files used in Project Meetings Upload, Group and manage Files in the Cloud so all the files you need are available in the right meetings. Share Files as needed and control sharing. YES NO NO NO
Forums to Collaborate in the Meeting and in between Meeting Participate any time from anywhere in forums about topics and files. Speed up projects. YES NO NO NO
Free Personal Assistant A real person, cloud expert available to assist you, your admin, or your whole team with meeting setup so you can focus on your core business. YES NO NO NO
Email or Text Meeting Requests Email or text what service you need and at what time. We will take care of the rest and send you confirmation. YES NO NO NO
Smartphone Voice Meeting Requests Great while on the road! Use your smartphone voice feature to request service. For example, use Siri to say “Set up conference call at 9:30AM on 10/9/13 with Ben.” YES NO NO NO
Conference Playback Digital recording of conference for those unable to attend live. YES YES YES YES
Recording & Retrieval Record and store audio & web materials for distribution. YES YES YES YES
CD Recording Get conference recorded on CD. YES NO NO NO
mp3 Recording Conference is recorded digitally & accessed via online or email. YES YES NO NO
Transcription Services Obtain a physical record of your performance. YES NO NO NO
Translation Services Conference is available in various formats. YES NO NO NO

Other Services We Offer

All Conferencing costs nothing to join, is simple to use, and is a competitive online meeting service that's more cost-efficient than leading conferencing providers. Fully use the service and focus on your work with the financial peace of mind of no added fees. When you factor in that all tools and secure storage are included at no added cost, it’s clear the All conferencing Difference makes all the difference and offers the best return on your investment. We guarantee it. Just call us at 1-866-562-6506.

With All Conferencing, you have all the business quality collaboration tools you need including phone-quality voice. That’s the Difference.