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Ready All

The ultimate collaboration tool. Our full-featured audio and web conferencing has everything you need for a successful meeting. It is a fully integrated audio and web service that is easy to use, so you can get your point across quickly and effectively.  The Chairperson can manage the call online using point-and-click commands to show slide presentations and applications, collaborate on documents in real time, or grant control of the desktop. This makes decision making faster and easier so your team can be more productive. Record a conference in one click (audio only or synchronized with visuals) and access archives online. (Click here for Details)

To enter the audio conference, participants dial the Ready All phone number and enter the 7-digit Access Code. Participants can enter the web conference by visiting www.allmymeetings.com, or by receiving an email invitation from the Chairperson, and clicking on the embedded link.

Permanent dial-in number and as many pass codes as needed, so you can easily manage and track conference use

Keypad controls for easy and efficient meeting management

One Click Invite – Easily invite participants via email

Chairperson Control panel - Easily manage up to 96 conference participants, both audio and web

Digital recording, broadcasting, archiving and transcription – Record calls for compliance

International toll and toll-free access – Host reservationless or scheduled international calls as easily as domestic calls

Mute/Unmute participants – Mute participants to limit interruptions or eliminate background noise

Lock/Unlock conference – Ensure security by locking the conference call so no one can join after you begin

Set entry and exit announcements as an added security measure so you know who is on the call

Conference continuation – Allows the conference to continue after the Chairperson logs off

Operators available during your conference 24/7 to provide any assistance you may need

Application and Desktop Sharing - Show PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, word documents and web browser

Slide Annotation – Collaborate in real time for faster decision making

Grant control of your desktop or Co-Present - Allow another participant to access your desktop to demonstrate something or for training purposes.

Recording – Record visual content for playback, distribution or archiving.

Feature Description Included?
Application and Desktop showing Show participants applications on your computer's desktop Yes!
Billing Code entry by Moderator Moderator must enter a billing code number before conference can start Yes!
Change conference entry and exit options  Change name announce, tone or silence options Yes!
Chat Moderator can use Chat to communicate with participants Yes!
Conference Continuation Allows the conference to continue after Moderator has logged off Yes!
Conference Playback Makes a digital recording of the conference available over an ordinary phone line or those unable to attend "live" No
Co-present or grant control of your desktop Allow other participants to present Yes!
Communication line Operator provides ongoing conference updates and communication status No
Dial out capability  Dial out to a new participant after conference has started Yes!
International toll free dial-in numbers  Toll free dial in access for international callers Yes!
Listen only mode  Upon start of conference, all lines are muted except the moderator's, participants cannot un-mute their line Yes!
Lock/Unlock Conference Locks conference so no additional participants can join Yes!
Moderator Controls can be accessed from the web Manage your conference using web controls on the interface Yes!
Music On Hold Music plays while participants wait for moderator to join; participants cannot talk with each other Yes!
Multiple users can be added to an account Each user receives their own Moderator code and passcode Yes!
Mute/Unmute lines Moderator can mute/unmute participants, or participants can mute/unmute themselves Yes!
Name Record/Play Plays participant's name upon entering the conference Yes!
Online access to your account Access and make changes to account online Yes!
Reservationless conferencing On-demand conferences without scheduling with an operator Yes!
Scheduled conferencing Schedule calls online and receive a new access code for each call Yes!
Send conference invitations online Email participants conference information and web link (if applicable) Yes!
Operator Attended Q&A sessions and polling Operators available to monitor and organize Question & Answer sessions Yes!
Participants: Up to 96 on a conference  Conferences can have up to 96 participants Yes!
Participants: 100 or more  Unlimited number of attendees No
Participants: Increase of up to 99 on a conference Temporary increase of us to 99 attendees Yes!
Participant Notification Operator informs participants of call date and time prior to call No
Permanant dial-in number Fixed dial-in number for all members of organization Yes!
Participant list Receive an attendance list of participants via fax or email No
Personalized Wallet Card for Each User Coming soon!  
Quick start mode  Allows the conference to begin before Moderator arrives Yes!
Recording, archiving and retrieval Records audio,video, and visuals (web conference) for storage and broadcast/distribution Yes!
Recording - .mp3 download of recording  Have conferences recorded digitally and accessed online or emailed Yes!
Recording - CD (synchronized with visuals if applicable) or Cassette Copy of Recording  Have conferences recorded and sent on a CD or cassette tape Yes!
Referral Rewards Program Coming soon!  
Roll Call Plays the names of all participants in the conference Yes!
Security screening  Operator screens participants against a list prior to the call No
Show and annotate slide presentations  Present PowerPoint slides using your PC or laptop Yes!
24/7 operator assistance Operators available to assist 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week Yes!
Toll dial-in number Toll number dial in access Yes!
Toll free dial-in number Toll free dial in access Yes!
Transcription Services Transcribe call for a physical record of the conference: available as CD, cassette or on web No
Translation Services Translations of the conference: available as MS Word, Word Perfect, plain text or rich text format  No
Visit web locations and show your visit to all participants  Browse the internet and present your search to particpants Yes!


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